Nov 22, 2023

Who are Six Senses?

Six Senses is one of the world’s most exclusive hospitality and residences brands. Founded in 1995, the brand has pioneered modern age hospitality, with its commitment to sustainability, wellness and nature; they curate exceptional destinations worldwide that blend seamlessly into their local environment. Boasting 26 resorts and 31 spas across 18 countries, the Six Senses’ expansive portfolio ranges from secluded islands and beach destinations to vibrant urban hubs and serene mountain getaways. The brand is anticipating substantial growth, with 39 properties currently in the pipeline, including upcoming launches in Japan, Costa Rica and Australia. 

Six Senses' Mission

Each project bears the hallmark of Six Senses’ fundamental values: sustainability, pioneering wellness, a fun and quirky vibe, unique experiences, local sensibility and emotional hospitality. Six Senses staff, fondly known as “hosts”, embody these principles, ensuring every guest encounter is not just exceptional but leaves a long-lasting impression from the moment a guest enters the resort to their departure.

“Of course, hospitality is never just about a place to stay. We want our places and spaces to help you reconnect and explore what it means to be mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally happy.”

Neil Jacobs
CEO Six Senses

The enduring mission of Six Senses centres on guiding individuals toward reconnection with themselves, others, and the surrounding world. Esteemed for its sustainable initiatives, commitment to innovative health and wellness, and dedication to unparalleled guest experiences, the brand continues to captivate global attention, featuring in the top 10 hotel brands in the world by Travel + Leisure in 2023.

Wellness at Six Senses

“We started with wellness from an innate quest of actually doing good and wanting to do wellness way before everyone else tapped into it”

Anna Bjurstam
VP of Wellness Six Senses 

At Six Senses, wellness isn’t just something you treat yourself to after a long week, it is ingrained lovingly into everyday moments.The goal is to infuse wellness into the everyday Six Senses is renowned for its holistic approach to wellness, offering a range of initiatives that cater to the diverse needs of guests. Some of these wellness initiatives include:

Spa & Holistic Treatments
The brand's spas offer a variety of rejuvenating treatments rooted in ancient healing traditions and modern techniques. These include massages, facials, and holistic therapies aimed at relaxation, detoxification, and revitalization.

Biohacking Treatments
Tailored wellness programs address specific needs, such as stress relief, detoxification, fitness, weight management, and sleep optimization. These programs often incorporate personalized assessments, consultations with wellness experts, and a curated schedule of activities and treatments, including biohacking and longevity technologies, such as red-light therapy, cryotherapy and hyperbaric chambers.

Mindfulness & Meditation
Mindfulness sessions and meditation classes are integral to Six Senses' wellness offerings. Guests can participate in guided meditation sessions, mindfulness workshops, and yoga practices designed to foster mental clarity, relaxation, and emotional balance.

Fitness & Movement
State-of-the-art fitness facilities and a diverse array of fitness classes cater to varying preferences and fitness levels. From yoga and Pilates to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and outdoor activities like hiking and biking, there's something for everyone.

Nutritional Wellness
Six Senses emphasizes the importance of wholesome nutrition. Their culinary experiences include farm-to-table dining, cooking classes, nutritional consultations, and menus crafted from fresh, locally sourced, and organic ingredients.

Sleep Programs
Recognizing the significance of quality sleep, Six Senses offers programs dedicated to improving sleep quality. These programs involve sleep assessments, specialized bedding, relaxing rituals, and expert guidance to promote restful sleep.

The brand's holistic approach to wellness encompasses a wide range of initiatives designed to create a transformative and enriching experience for guests, focusing on nurturing the mind, body, and spirit while fostering a deeper connection with oneself and the surrounding environment.

Sustainability at Six Senses

The Six Senses brand is committed to sustainability across all facets of its operations. Here are some ways in which Six Senses promotes sustainability:

Eco-Friendly Initiatives
The brand implements eco-friendly initiatives such as energy-efficient lighting, water conservation measures, and waste reduction strategies across its properties. This includes using renewable energy sources and reducing single-use plastics.

Sustainable Architecture and Design
Six Senses incorporates sustainable and often locally sourced materials and innovative design practices in the construction and renovation of its properties.

Biodiversity Conservation
The brand takes measures to protect and promote biodiversity through conservation programs, reforestation efforts, and initiatives that support local flora and fauna.

Community Engagement
The brand often engages with local communities through employment opportunities, partnerships with local artisans and producers, and initiatives that contribute to the socio-economic development of the region.

Six Senses Residences

Six Senses Branded Residences offer luxury homes within or adjacent to Six Senses resorts and spas. These residences provide homeowners with an opportunity to own a slice of the renowned Six Senses lifestyle, complete with access to premium amenities, personalized services, and a commitment to wellness and sustainability. 

Owning a Six Senses residence allows residents to enjoy the same high-quality services, wellness programs, and exclusive facilities available to resort guests. All residences are designed with a focus on wellness and sustainability, integrating eco-friendly features, natural surroundings, and wellness-centric design elements to promote a healthier lifestyle. Combining these features with the brand reputation of Six Senses makes these properties an attractive investment opportunity for buyers.

Bringing Six Senses to Kitzbühel

As Six Senses prepares to launch in Kitzbühel in 2025, the brand will continue to innovate their hospitality, curate unique experiences and leave guests feeling inspired and rejuvenated. Six Senses Kitzbuhel Alps will feature a hotel, a 3000m² spa, along with 10 branded villas and 30 branded apartments. 

Six Senses Kitzbühel Alps is a sanctuary for the whole family, a place to escape from the busy digital world, reset and enjoy the alps.

“This is a place where you want your kids to run around- it's safe, it's pure”

Michael Staininger
Owner/Developer, Kitzbüheler Alps Projekt GmbH

Residents and hotel guests alike will have the opportunity to get back to nature and to their roots, whether that’s eating organic, locally foraged foods, engaging in extreme sports or enjoying peaceful nature walks. 

“the purpose of this project to make people feel amazing inside out, to connect with one another”

Become an Owner

To start the process, all we ask is that you complete our simple questionnaire and provide your contact details so that we can get in touch.

Become an Owner

To start the process, all we ask is that you complete our simple questionnaire and provide your contact details so that we can get in touch.

Become an Owner

To start the process, all we ask is that you complete our simple questionnaire and provide your contact details so that we can get in touch.


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