Dec 14, 2022

Wellness 2.0

Where wellness is not just a word, but weaved into every aspect of your experience.

When I was 26 - at that time an aspiring film director in Los Angeles - I was introduced to the first all organic supermarket, which wasn’t a Whole Foods by the way. These were the times before Whole Foods and today’s game changer Erewhon, before Moon Juice and the hundreds of innovative supplements brands - before all this obsession with health, wellness and life extension began.

Back then, when I steamrolled though life without a care in the world, all the California fuss about organic foods, targeted nutrition and supplementation still felt like an abstract to me. Who used to really care? Let’s just work and party all day and all night, eat and drink whenever whatever, guzzle down some intense pre-workout fuel and lift weights like there was no tomorrow.

Back to work, party. Repeat.

Well, a few years later, when I hit a rough patch which forced me to change and rethink my life, I suddenly became very conscious of the fragile ecosystem that is our body and mind and their fascinating connection. One thing is for sure, no matter how healthy and fit you think you are, nothing can be taken for granted. What was once an abstract suddenly became very real.

Think about what I am saying in the mission 2030 statement - if we keep exploiting our planet there will be a tipping point. In personal health and wellness it’s much the same.

What we eat matters.

The air we breathe matters.

How we sleep matters.

How we work out and recover from our sessions matters.

Who we decide to spend our time with matters.

How we deal with stress matters.

How we manage our energy matters.

It’s a simple fact that everything is connected, and that everything we do influences our wellness. Your choices can either push you beyond your limits, make your lives full and happy, or they can completely derail you.

The idea that wellness is not equivalent to a trip to the jacuzzi, but something of an all around desirable state, connecting body and mind, achieved through a perfect balance of nutrition, activity, recovery and joy, has now reached a broad audience. However finding this state is still a challenge for most in everyday life. Besides, there are so many things on the market that promise results, from supplements to diets - and it becomes increasingly tough to separate the good from the bad and the ugly.

That is where we come in.

Six Senses is taking wellness to the next level. Their wellness board consists of the biggest influencers and names in the wellness industry, and as guests and residential owners you will have unfiltered access to their know-how and science backed treatments, supplements, programs and products.

You will discover hacks provided by nature that will propel your bodies and minds into perfect balance - you will feel the effects of real deep and restorative sleep - you will taste the intensity of nutrient dense foods, organically farmed, foraged and delivered straight to your fork - you will stimulate yourselves through treatments and therapies fusing eastern and western science and technique - you will interact and learn from the great minds in the fields of bio-hacking and longevity, and you will exercise to experience a level of energy and vitality that you have never felt before.

All this under one roof. At Six Senses Place. An integrated members club built solely around the pursuit of wellness and longevity.

Eat, drink and laugh with fellow members and game changing wellness pioneers, elevate your game through talks and retreats, and immerse yourselves in the unprecedented experience of the Six Senses Spa & fitness offerings.

Take off your masks in the areal yoga pavilion, deep dive into forest bathing, revitalise through an intense cold plunge and let your therapists strip you from all ailments - physical and mental.

We want to help you look younger, feel younger and slow ageing - by showing you how you can hack your own bodies and minds to permanently upgrade your life experience into version 2.0 and beyond.

Come join the club.

Become an Owner

To start the process, all we ask is that you complete our simple questionnaire and provide your contact details so that we can get in touch.

Become an Owner

To start the process, all we ask is that you complete our simple questionnaire and provide your contact details so that we can get in touch.

Become an Owner

To start the process, all we ask is that you complete our simple questionnaire and provide your contact details so that we can get in touch.


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