Nov 13, 2023

Pioneering wellness at Six Senses Kitzbühel Alps with Anna Bjurstam

The meaning of wellness at Six Senses

Back in 2012, when Anna Bjurstam was contacted by Six Senses to transform the brand from a spa and hotel group into a holistic wellness experience, she could not have foreseen the success and growth of the brand into a global community for wellbeing from the inside out.

“we started with wellness from an innate quest of actually doing good and wanting to do wellness way before everyone else tapped into it”

The term “wellness” has become overused by brands all over the world, but for Anna, what sets Six Senses apart is the fact that they have gone to extreme lengths over the last 10 years to work with health experts to improve the lives of guests and residents on an atomic level. Each Six Senses wellness centre has been designed with the help of pioneers in the wellness field, ensuring world-class facilities to improve sleep, longevity, gut health, functional health and more.

“The continuous collaboration with international experts and pioneers in the wellness field is unrivaled compared to any other brand, so that really sets us apart”

Going the extra mile with wellness

“We’ve managed to take wellness beyond the spa and fitness centre”

At Six Senses, wellness isn’t just something you treat yourself to after a long week, it is ingrained lovingly into everyday moments. Each bedroom is built in a way that is scientifically proven to enhance sleep, all food is sourced locally and cooked to optimise health and even the youngest guests are given an education on wellness during their time at Six Senses. The goal is to infuse wellness into the everyday.

The Future of Wellness in Branded Residences

Anna believes that we are only at the tip of the iceberg with wellness currently, and with the ever increasing health and wellness trend, we are going to be seeing incredible technological advances to improve holistic wellness, from red lights built into bathroom mirrors, to infrared saunas in homes, along with soundscapes and lightscapes to balance your circadian rhythm. 

People often go to Six Senses hotels and retreats, for example Alma Festival at Six Senses Ibiza, to indulge in wellness facilities they cannot get at home, such as cryotherapy, hyperbaric chambers and pulse electromagnetic field chairs. However, the beauty of Six Senses Residences is that residents can avail of all of the wellness facilities of a Six Senses Resort, without leaving the comfort of their own home.

“People want to be healthy, and it’s hard, but when you build it into a residential project, it becomes so much easier”

Longevity and Biohacking at Kitzbuhel Alps

Biohacking and increasing longevity are core features of Six Senses, and the Kitzbuhel Alps destination is no exception. Six Senses is partnering with a specialised longevity centre to allow for full diagnostics on guests and residents, in order to develop personalised wellness plans. Among the biohacking facilities that will be available to guests and residents are cryotherapy, red light therapy, intermittent hypoxia, and pulse electromagnetic field therapy. 

“It is up to us whether we age six months per year or two years per year”

Longevity has long been a passion of Anna’s, after first being taught about it by doctor and wellness pioneer Alberto Villoldo. Some of Anna’s personal favourite longevity treatments are EMS (electrical muscular stimulation), which helps to rehabilitate muscles more quickly, and red light therapy, which can improve vision by up to 21% when used three times every week within three hours of waking up. 

Longevity is especially of interest in the context of Kitzbuhel, where strenuous outdoor activities such as skiing, trekking, mountain biking, climbing and hiking will be a huge focus. Wellness will be centered around recovery and enhancing performance, as well as connecting with the beautiful surrounding nature of the Alps.

“Nature has the power to heal and balance your senses, so nature will play a huge role in Six Senses Kitzbühel Alps”

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Become an Owner

To start the process, all we ask is that you complete our simple questionnaire and provide your contact details so that we can get in touch.

Become an Owner

To start the process, all we ask is that you complete our simple questionnaire and provide your contact details so that we can get in touch.


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